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Shut Down Sequel: Progress Report

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On May 1, 2020, 
Cornelius Frederick tragically passed away due to injuries after being restrained for 12 minutes by staff at Lakeside, a youth behavioral health facility, in response to allegedly throwing a sandwich. His senseless death shed light on a pattern and practice of harmful restraint and abuse at for-profit facilities including, Lakeside run by Sequel Youth and Family Services.

In the aftermath of Cornelius' death, NJJN has partnered with the National Disability Rights Network, and our member organizations to Shut Down Sequel and get states to stop doing business with for-profit companies. Nearly 330,000 people signed a petition to state governors calling for states to cut ties with Sequel. Yet Sequel continues to operate similar residential facilities in twelve states and the systemic issues that led to Cornelius' death remain largely unchanged.
On the 1-year mark of Cornelius' tragic death, NJJN is releasing our: Shut Down Sequel Progress Report, outlining progress made in our efforts to shut down Sequel facilities and advocate for systemic reforms.
In our new report, we repeat our call for states to end ties with Sequel, but compel states to go further in implementing protections for kids by:
  • Ending the use of for-profit facilities for youth,
  • Banning the use of restraint, and
  • Bringing youth home, prioritizing community-based care over harmful congregate care settings.
Help us continue to sound the alarm on the danger of keeping youth locked up in harmful facilities that put profit over the protection of our children.