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Juvenile Justice Resource Hub


The National Juvenile Justice Network has partnered with the Juvenile Justice Information Exchange (JJIE.org) to launch an online resource called the Juvenile Justice Resource Hub. The hub pulls together information and resources to provide a high-quality overview of key issues in juvenile justice, strategies for change, and resources that include research, toolkits, and links to national experts. It can be found at http://jjie.org/hub.

The hub is a starting point for advocates, policymakers, practitioners, and journalists, where they can get an overview of the issues, see what other communities are doing to reform the juvenile justice system, and learn where to go to get more information. 

NJJN serves as a curator and aggregator of research and resources being made available on the hub over time. In turn, the hub is hosted by JJIE.org, published by the Center for Sustainable Journalism at Kennesaw State University. Much of the research and many of the resources on the hub—though by no means all—have been produced as part of the Models for Change initiative of the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, which is funding the hub.  

NJJN and JJIE have already posted material to the new hub in the areas of mental health and substance abuse, community-based alternatives, evidence-based practicesjuvenile indigent defense, and racial and ethnic fairness. In a few months, aftercare for youth in trouble with the law will be added. Check it out, share it with your networks, use it as a reference for policy specialists seeking to get up to speed -- and more!

>>Take the Juvenile Justice Resource Hub for a spin.