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Young Justice Leader Award


Nominate an awesome young justice leader in your community!  NJJN is excited to present the new Young Justice Leader Award to a young person who is a bold and passionate leader for youth justice change. This award is intended to elevate the leadership of directly impacted young people as we push to transform the system.

The Young Justice Leader MUST be:

  1. A young person between the ages of 16-25 years old.
  2. Working to transform the youth justice system.
  3. Have been involved in youth justice advocacy for at least a year.

What does this leader look like? This young person may be:

  • Organizing and empowering their peers to fight for reform
  • Planning or attending rallies
  • Speaking out at school board meeting or at the state Capitol
  • Educating others about the harms of the youth justice system
  • Direct service to young people
  • Leading within NJJN as a member of the Forum Planning Committee or Membership Advisory Council
  • Working with adults to create a better system for young people
  • Organizing their communities to change the system or hold police accountable

Who can Nominate

Please note ANY young person may be nominated for an award but ONLY NJJN members (YJLI and organizations) are eligible to nominate folks for these awards.  Young people who are affiliated with a member may also nominate themselves for this award.

Awardees Receive

Plaque and recognition at the virtual awards ceremony

How to Nominate Someone

Please complete the online nomination form by Friday, September 18, 2020. 

The online form requires name of nominee and nominator, organization if applicable, nominator’s relationship to the young person, and why the young leader deserves the award.  Please share a bit about what work they are doing to transform the system.  


Applications will be ranked by NJJN’s Youth Committee and MAC committee. Nominees with the highest ranking will be awarded.

* * *

 The National Juvenile Justice Network is comprised of organizations and alumni of the Youth Justice Leadership Institute across 43 states and the District of Columbia, all of whom advocate to shrink our youth justice systems and make what remains fair and effective.


Past Winner:


Alani Rouse

Alani Rouse, from the Youth Justice Project  in North Carolina, won the first ever Young Justice Leader Award.