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Podcast: NJJN Voices from the Field

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NJJN is pleased to introduce our new podcast series: NJJN Voices from the Field to capture and elevate the voices of members, Young Justice Leaders, YJLI alumni, allies and more!

Do you want to share a story in our new podcast series? Email info@njjn.org with the subject line "Podcast."

Episode 3: December 6, 2021
Edin Madrid with the Anti-Recidivism Coalition Shares Youth Justice Vision
In Episode 3, Edin Madrid with NJJN member The Anti-Recidivism Coalition tells the story of his life before incarceration, and what ultimately led him to the path he’s on now, the things he’s learned about the justice system from his mentors both in and outside it, and his passion for the work that needs to be done to give young people a more fair opportunity.

Episode 2:
November 17, 2021

Dustina Gill on What Justice for Youth Looks Like
n Episode 2, Dustina Gill discusses her work in the Dakotas helping indigenous youth with re-entry. We talked about her path to advocacy, the challenges young people face both before and after incarceration, and how she hopes her work with the network will benefit future generations.

Episode 1: October 13, 2021
A Conversation Between Luis Hernandez & Carmen Perez from The Gathering for Justice:
In our first podcast premiere, Luis Hernandez and Carmen Perez, leaders of the NJJN Member organization The Gathering for Justice, discuss why we need youth justice reform now, what real justice for youth looks like, and actions policymakers can take to make the future better for youth across America.