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Special Projects

The National Juvenile Justice Network has a number of focal areas for its work with its state-based members. 

Fiscal Policy Center

These tight fiscal times offer an unparalleled opportunity to advance juvenile justice reform. The goal of the National Juvenile Justice Network’s Fiscal Policy Center is to provide our members with the tools and resources they need to improve juvenile justice policy in their own states. Learn more.

Juvenile Justice Resource Hub

The National Juvenile Justice Network has partnered with the Juvenile Justice Information Exchange (JJIE.org) to launch an online resource called the Juvenile Justice Resource Hub. The hub pulls together information and resources to provide a high-quality overview of key issues in juvenile justice, strategies for change, and resources that include research, toolkits, and links to national experts. It can be found at http://jjie.org/hub.

Right-sizing Juvenile Justice

Over the past several years, many states across the country have dramatically reduced the number of youth held in secure facilities. Some states have achieved these reductions by downsizing existing populations in secure facilities; others have shuttered entire institutions. While the population reduction is noteworthy in and of itself, it has been accompanied by some additional powerful data. Learn more.

Victims in the Juvenile Justice Reform Movement

Youth in trouble with the law and people who have been victims of crime are often seen -- mistakenly -- to be at odds. Effective reform of the juvenile justice system cannot happen unless we ensure the fair and humane treatment of both youth who have committed offenses and those who have been harmed by the acts of others. Learn more.