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Federal Policy

The National Juvenile Justice Network apprises our members on federal activities that affect youth in conflict with the law, their families and their communities. NJJN's policy priorities are developed in partnership and consultation with its national membership. NJJN's work both informs and is informed by its participation in the National Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Coalition (NJJDPC).

As part of the NJJDPC, NJJN issues statements of concern on pressing federal issues.

NJJN’s current national focus includes:

    • Reauthorization of the federal Juvenile Justice Delinquency and Prevention Act (JJDPA): The JJDPA provides core protections for youth in conflict with the law, and is currently up for reauthorization. NJJN is a member of the Act 4 JJ campaign; visit the campaign’s Web site to learn more about efforts to reauthorize the law.
    • Gang legislation and the Youth PROMISE Act: NJJN tracks gang legislation for our members and supports efforts to engage communities in developing and implementing comprehensive prevention and intervention approaches. Click here to learn more about the Youth PROMISE Act.
    • Prison Rape Elimination Act: NJJN keeps its members informed about ongoing state efforts to come into compliance with the Prison Rape Elimination Act, to keep youth in custody safe from harm.
    • Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act: The Adam Walsh Act sets standards for states on the tracking of sex offenders through sex offender registries.  NJJN works with our members and partners to ensure the Act is applied fairly and appropriately to youth.
    • Record Expungement Designed to Enhance Employment Act of 2015 (REDEEM Act): NJJN supports efforts to enhance the confidentiality of juvenile records, provide greater opportunities to seal and expunge records, and to restrict the use of solitary confinement.
    • Federal appropriations: NJJN educates our members on federal appropriations as they apply to youth in conflict with the law.

NJJN’s policy analysis and education activities are generously supported by its state members, national partners and other unrestricted sources of revenue.