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Youth Justice Leadership Institute Alumni Fund


NJJN is proud to be celebrating the 10th Anniversary of our Youth Justice Leadership Institute! The Youth Justice Leadership Institute (YJLI) has 91 alumni throughout the country with a wealth of knowledge and lived experience working as advocates fighting for the rights and human dignity of children. Our alumni have a variety of professional and educational backgrounds, they come from diverse and unique parts of the country and bring deep levels of understanding to the work.

In an effort to move more resources into the field and create opportunities for The National Juvenile Justice Network’s Youth Justice Leadership Institute alumni across the country, NJJN is excited to announce the creation of the Youth Justice Leadership Institute Alumni Fund!

To continue supporting these alumni, showcasing their talents, and elevating their profiles as thought leaders in youth justice, advocacy, and racial equity, NJJN will establish a fund to cultivate ideas on race, youth justice, and many other areas of intersection that impact youth and people of color across the country. In our first phase of this endeavor, NJJN will make an initial investment of $10,000 to support Alumni in advancing presentations and/or training that further our anti-racism and racial equity efforts.


In our first phase of this new initiative, the YJLI Alumni Fund will be established and funded to support anti-racism and racial-equity-based presentations developed exclusively by YJLI Alumni, to be presented to the broader network.

Applicants seeking funding should submit proposals with details about the presentation, anticipated outcomes and/or lessons to be learned when presented to the network, and the reasons why this presentation is needed to advance our movement towards anti-racism. The proposals will then go through an initial layer of review at NJJN before being submitted to their peers (fellow YJLI Alumni) for a final vote (simple majority).

  • All proposals for 2022 MUST be submitted by March 30th, 2022
  • Individual proposals will be capped at $1,000.
  • Alumni will be limited to one funded project in the calendar year 2022 but may submit multiple proposals which may be considered for future opportunities if funds allow. 
  • This is an exclusive opportunity for successful graduates of NJJNs Youth Justice Leadership Institute who are active NJJN members in good standing.

Proposals should be submitted to info@njjn.org with the subject line: YJLI Fund Application and should include:

  • Details about the presentation
  • Anticipated outcomes and/or lessons to be learned by the network
  • An explanation of why this presentation is needed to advance our anti-racist movement

Examples of potential presentation topics to be funded:

  • Racism and the impact it has on mental health

  • Institutional racism and the challenges of addressing it within nonprofit organizations

  • How to create organizational cultures that support staff of color

  • Strategies for diversifying staff teams

  • Gender dynamics and racism

  • Microaggressions

  • Different types of racism and how they show up in America

YJLI Alumn who have questions about the YJLI Alumni Fund can email info@njjn.org, subject "YJLI Alumni Fund Question."