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#NJJNRoadtrip - Forum Recap 2022

August 31, 2022

This summer, NJJN took a "virtual" road trip to visit our members across our four regions. At each stop we heard advocates discuss advocacy strategies - from creating healing learning environments to supporting youth and families through the court process. Take a look back with us with video replays of our three public sessions, and notes to remember from our self-care and fundraising workshops! 

#NJJNRoadtrip Day 1 - Our first stop was at a beach destination as we learned how to center self-care in our advocacy work. Facilitators Eva Young and Tracy McDonald guided us through somatic practices to help us develop a self-care practice with the goal of bringing our most authentic selves to the work space.

Things to remember: mindful Self Care is how you react and respond to yourself and your experience here and now. Respond to yourself with compassion and care. 

Aks yourself→ 

  • What are some obstacles/challenges to self care?

  • How can I overcome the challenges and obstacles when they show up?

  • What self care practices help you support you? 

  • How do you know when you are practicing good self care?

  • What can you do today? this week to support yourself?

#NJJNRoadtrip Day 2
- Our second stop was in The Lonestar State of Texas, where we came together to envision hearing learning environments with the Texas Center for Justice and Equity. Student Ambassadors led us through a workshop on school policing and its impact on students’ feelings of safety and security. Together, we rethought how we as a society can design our responses to youth behaviors and how we can create schools that cultivate supports to help students thrive.

Watch the replay:

#NJJNRoadtrip Day 3
- Our third stop was in the “City of Dreams” - Los Angeles! Youth advocates from Arts for Healing and Justice Network in California helped us map our experiences in school environments, recalling what we needed and what we received in our youth development. Through a  creative visioning exercise, we got closer to imagining policy changes that can heal communities. 

Watch the replay:

#NJJNRoadtrip Day 4
- Our next stop was in Missouri, The Show Me State! Missouri’s Metropolitan Congregations United introduced us to their participatory defense hub, which uses a community organizing model to support youth and families navigating the legal system.

Watch the replay:

#NJJNRoadtrip Day 5 - On our last stop, we visited “The Hub of the Universe” Boston, MA to learn about fundraising from Alex Danesco, Development Director for Citizens for Juvenile Justice. During the workshop, Alex guided us through key fundraising principles and strategies. 

Things to remember: 

  • A key to good fundraising is an organization’s board. Board representation needs to be carefully planned and represent the community an organization serves with clearly defined fundraising goals and expectations. 

  • Create a plan! Your development plan should include everything the organization hopes to accomplish, targets for foundation support, targets for each individual fundraiser and a detailed calendar to keep all the fundraising details organized. 

  • When cultivating individual donors, think as a donor. Why would someone want to give money? 

  • Create meaningful opportunities for connection with your organization. 

  • Don’t forget crowdsourcing - developing a base of small-dollar donors who are willing to ask their friends to support something that they think is important.

For more information about NJJN’s annual Forum, email info@njjn.org

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