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What Do Falling Incarceration Rates Really Mean? (Webinar)

Recorded April 30, 2013

The number of youth in secure custody is at a historic low. Clearly, our reform policies are changing young peoples lives for the better, right?  

Maybe, maybe not. In this April 30, 2013 webinar, Dr. Jeffrey Butts, a national expert on juvenile justice research, and Nathaniel Balis, a senior associate at the Annie E. Casey Foundation, discussed the issue. The two began by briefly exploring how to use data responsibly to advance reform. Though starting from different premises, they touched on questions like the following: 

    • What can we say about the drop in juvenile incarceration drop and what caused it? 
    • How can we use the data in our public communications to accelerate the trend and sustain it?  
    • How do we prepare for possible changes in the future due to changing crime rates?  

>> Watch the webinar recording (WMV).

>> Watch Dr. Butts' slide presentation and Dr. Balis' slide presentation.