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Juvenile Justice Fiscal Policy

The Solution: Tools You Can Use

The Fiscal Policy Center’s goal is to help reformers on the ground use concrete and detailed fiscal analyses to promote policy change to help youth in trouble with the law. We do this through: technical assistance, on-site or virtual trainings, and concrete resources and toolkits.

Budget Mastery

The Budget Mastery component of the Fiscal Policy Center provides NJJN members and allies with general training in budget structure, content and process, with a focus on those elements that are common to most states. Additionally, the Network’s budget analyst provides in-depth technical assistance to NJJN members, enabling a detailed understanding of budget content and processes, particularly as they relate to expenditures on youth in conflict with the law, related expenditures on youth and family services, and revenue streams that can be accessed through the general fund, or through trust funds or other off-budget funding streams.

Communications Tools  

The Fiscal Policy Center also provides general messaging training and in-depth assistance to to NJJN members and allies, with a focus on creating effective, fiscally-minded messages

The online Fiscal Policy Resource Center seeks to provide Network members with adaptable communications tools that focus on fiscal messaging as well as how-to toolkits. .

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Photo: Alan Levine, under Creative Commons License