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Fiscal Policy Center Success Stories


juvenile-justice-reform_Lincoln-SmithNJJN’s Fiscal Policy Center staff recently helped me locate information on the cost to detain youth in Mississippi’s 16 juvenile detention facilities. The staff worked tirelessly to provide cost information for each facility. They contacted a broad group of individuals at both the state and county level and submitted a detailed technical assistance report that included valuable data on detention costs and recommendations for future data collection and analysis.

I was very pleased with the results and greatly appreciated their dedication and persistence on helping us with our work in Mississippi.

Lincoln Smith
Southern Poverty Law Center- MS Office



District of Columbia

Working with NJJN’s Fiscal Policy Center gave me the skills and confidence necessary to calculate the cost of the juvenile justice system here in DC. Specifically, while working with the Fiscal Policy Center, I learned how to read and analyze the budgets of a number of local and federal agencies as well as how to calculate the marginal and average costs associated with the different stages of the juvenile justice system.

Without the Fiscal Policy Center's assistance, I do not know that I would have been able to complete this project in such a timely and robust manner. In the end, we published a series of infographics containing some of the data that we compiled in the course of our work with Fiscal Policy Center. In addition, we are working on a series of reports to be released in the winter or spring.

Eduardo Ferrer
Chief Operation Officer, DC Lawyers for Youth




The Fiscal Policy Center helped us craft messaging around cost-savings and data-driven outcomes. Lori provided helpful insight as we developed the project proposal. Benjamin gave helpful feedback to frame the project narrative and drive our communications strategy.

The Fiscal Policy Center helped us understand how our state-specific issues fit within the context of the national movement toward fiscal realignment. Additionally, their services provided additional capacity to our project since our agency does not employ a fiscal analyst or a communications specialist. The Fiscal Policy Center is great! They provided timely assistance, thoughtful feedback, and helpful insight! I look forward to working with them as our project moves forward.

Michelle Weemhoff
Senior Policy Associate, Michigan Council on Crime and Delinquency



Many thanks to NJJN’s Fiscal Policy Center for its recent assistance with legislation and testimony in the General Assembly of Maryland. Just Kids, Maryland, put in a bill that would require most juveniles charged as adults to be housed in the juvenile system. However, the data we submitted for projecting costs was not utilized, and the bill ended up with an inflated 1.8 million dollar fiscal note.

The Fiscal Policy Center came to Maryland and testified to the House and Senate Committees that the real fiscal note should have been approximately $125,000. Quite a difference! Several legislators are very interested in this bill and are working on an amendment so that when the bill crosses over to the other side of the Assembly, the fiscal note will be re-written. This is the first year we put in this bill. The fiscal note would have been the death knell for this bill without the FPC!!!

Kara Aanenson
Lead Organizer, Just Kids Partnership