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Juvenile Justice and the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA)

Teleconference: A Discussion of the New PREA Standards, Tuesday - June 19, 2012 

Jason Szanyi and Dana Shoenberg of the Center for Children Law and Policy along with Jessica Sandoval of the Campaign for Youth Justice lead a discussion on the new standards set in place by the Prison Rape Elimination Act. Specifically, the teleconference covers:

  • the types of facilities included; 
  • the key provisions that will protect youth in custody; 
  • implications for individual states; how state implementation will be audited; 
  • how you can help establish systems of support for those who have been victimized; 
  • implications for youth who are in the adult system; and 
  • how you can weigh in on appropriate staffing ratios for youth facilities.

Did you miss our PREA teleconference? Listen to the recorded teleconference here »

Teleconference Handouts: 

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