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Influencing Candidates for Office Tip Sheet

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Election season is filled with commercials about experience, character, and charisma. As advocates, it’s our job to make sure that the issues don’t get buried in the noise. With candidates vying for votes and endorsements, youth justice advocates are uniquely positioned to educate and engage both the community and the candidates themselves on the need for reform. As there is always competition to get on candidates’ issue radar, this toolkit serves to arm you with everything you need, regardless of whether you are thinking of running a multi-policy justice campaign, or are looking to raise the profile of youth justice in your upcoming election.

As with every successful initiative, it is imperative to understand the “rules of engagement” before planning your advocacy. There is no reason why non-profit organizations cannot engage in non-partisan, candidate education activities. Issue education open to all candidates is just good advocacy. Still, whether you are new to election advocacy or an old pro, it is crucial to become familiar with your organizations’ obligations before planning your work.

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