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Utah Juvenile Defender Attorneys, L.L.C.
Utah Juvenile Defender Resource Center

8 East Broadway Suite 500
Salt Lake City Utah 84111

Phone: 801-521-5225
Fax: 801-521-5268

Pamela Vickrey, Executive Director
Email: pvickrey@ujda.org 

Organizational Profile

: Utah Juvenile Defender Attorneys is dedicated to protecting juveniles’ constitutional rights by providing competent, zealous, and compassionate legal representation at all stages of juvenile delinquency proceedings and skillfully advocating for dispositions that best serve juveniles’ liberty and expressed interests, thereby promoting the fair and efficient administration of juvenile justice and strengthening the public’s trust in and respect for the rule of law.

Description: Utah Juvenile Defender Attorneys (UJDA) is a single firm dedicated to the representation of juveniles charged with delinquent offenses resulting in involvement in the juvenile justice system.

Juveniles are not small adults. Their brains are not fully developed. As a result, they may make impulsive and often irrational decisions that can have severe consequences for themselves, their families, and their community. For this reason, juveniles need representation from an expressed interest attorney who understands the unique cognitive, physical and social development of juveniles as well as the nuances of the juvenile court system and the resources it has to offer young people. Expressed-interest representation of juveniles is a specialization different from any other type of representation. UJDA understands the unique needs of this population. UJDA also understands the goal of juvenile court is rehabilitation, ultimately resulting in safety for the youth we represent and the community in which we live.  

The Utah Juvenile Defender Resource Center is run by UJDA, and focuses on providing training around the state in juvenile defense practice. 

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