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Metropolitan Congregations United

4501 Westminster Place
St. LouisMO63108

Phone: 314-367-3484
Web: http://mcustl.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MCUStLouis/
Twitter: @MCUStLouis

Organizational Profile

Metropolitan Congregations United is an interdenominational, multi-racial community organization of religious congregations in the St. Louis Metropolitan Region that are working for a common purpose: to create a better life for all residents.

MCU operates on the belief that all people should have access to a living wage, quality education, good housing, affordable health care, and a safe place to raise children. Yet, existing public policies often seem to focus on encouraging and supporting these elements at the region’s edges at the expense of the urban core. Public policy,  has become part of the problem rather than a source of solutions. Systemic change is needed to give citizens, especially lower income families in the urban core, a greater voice in how public policy decisions are made and how resources are allocated in the region.

One solution to this problem is metropolitan organizing: creating coordinated efforts that help individuals become informed about issues affecting the region and encourage them to take an active role in influencing public policy. To this end, MCU was formed to teach citizens how to:

  • Gain access to decision-makers.
  • Bring greater attention to their needs.
  • Create urgency in the community to revitalize the urban core.
  • Impact the social, political, environmental, and economic decisions that affect their lives.



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