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Maine Center for Juvenile Policy and Law

Jill Ward, Project Manager
Maine Center for Juvenile Policy and Law
University of Maine School of Law

Email: jill.ward@maine.edu

Phone: 207-317-6310

Organizational Profile

The Maine Center for Juvenile Policy and Law (MCJPL) was established in 2017 to support Juvenile Justice Clinic students and faculty in their policy work and, through ongoing coordination of and collaboration with partners and stakeholders, support specific reform efforts designed to reverse the adverse impact on current and formerly system-involved Maine youth and increase positive outcomes.

The Center is home to the Juvenile Justice Reform Work Group, a coalition of juvenile justice professionals and advocates in Maine have come together to identify juvenile justice reforms that will reduce inappropriate detention and confinement and increase fairness in juvenile justice system. Most members of the Work Group participated in the 2009 statewide Juvenile Justice Task Force and subsequent Juvenile Justice Implementation Council (JJIC) and remain interested in continuing to review, advance, and expand upon the ideas and goals put forward as a result of that effort.  

Building on the recommendations of the task force as outlined in its 2010 report, An Integrated Approach to Transforming Maine's Juvenile Justice System, the work group meets monthly to share information or observations raised since the release of the report and discuss possible reforms that can be implemented by statute, administrative rule, or agency rule or practice.  The work group is co-chaired by Edwin P. Chester, Esq., juvenile defense attorney, and Carlann M. Welch, Psy.D., adolescent forensic psychologist.

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