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100 Edgewood Avenue, Suite 1580
Atlanta, GA 30303
Phone: 404-521-0311     
Web: www.justga.org

Polly McKinney, Advocacy Director
Email: pmckinney@georgiavoices.org

Twitter: @JUSTGaCoalition

Organization Profile
JUSTGeorgia’s mission is to advocate change to Georgia’s juvenile code and the underlying social service systems to better serve Georgia’s children and promote safer communities.

The primary goal of JUSTGeorgia is to create a long term coalition that will advocate, monitor, and report on the conditions, laws, and policies that affect the justice and safety of Georgia's young people. Fundamental to this goal are two initial objectives:

  1. To work for the passage of a new Juvenile Code that reflects the scientific findings and best practices in the child development field; and
  2. To identify and change policies in Georgia's underlying social services system that can prevent detention and sustain healthy behaviors outside the juvenile justice system.
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