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3 Ways To Support Youth Justice System Reform

Welcome to the youth justice reform movement! Learn how you can be part of the change here.

The National Juvenile Justice Network (NJJN) leads a movement of state-based advocates that seek the appropriate treatment of youth in trouble with the law by shrinking our youth justice systems and making what remains both fair and effective. Our change efforts accord with the latest science, recognize that youth are in a highly dynamic developmental phase that make them exceedingly amenable to rehabilitation, and incorporate a race equity analysis at every stage.  Through policy, research, and leadership development, we are making progress every day in the transformation of our youth justice systems.

Here are 3 ways you can support the youth justice movement:

1. Donate to help us continue the fight for fairer youth justice policies and practices that treat youth in trouble with the law with dignity and humanity and which strengthen them, their families and their communities.

2. Become an NJJN Ally. Allies are passionate individuals who want to transform our broken youth justice systems. Allies receive NJJN updates, calls to action, discounts for NJJN events, and dedicated seats at NJJN webinars.

3. Make a local impact by connecting with a NJJN member in your state.