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Youth Justice Reform Roundup | October 2016

October 31, 2016
Benjamin Chambers


Member and Fellow News

  • The work of Kelly Gilbreth, also an alum of our Youth Justice Leadership Institute, was recognized with the 2016 Jeanne Gauna Social Justice Spirit Award. The award is given to uplift and celebrate as leaders women who have "worked tirelessly and wisely, guarding and winning social/political/economic/environmental/spiritual and cultural justice for women, families and communities." 
  • The Youth Justice Project  (YJP) at the Southern Coalition for Social Justice (an NJJN organizational member) has produced a series of "Racial Equity Report Cards," which use publicly available data "to provide a snapshot of the racial disproportionalities that exist in a community’s public education and juvenile justice systems." Follow the link to see YJP's report card for North Carolina (and similar report cards for every school district in the state).  
  • WNYC did a series of reports around youth in adult prison, all of which can be found hereKathy Wright of the New Jersey Parents Caucus (NJPC), member of NJJN, and former Youth Justice Leadership Instutute fellow, was a crucial source. NJPC's data report last year on NJ kids in the adult system guided WNYC's own data analysis, and some of the NJPC's youth caucus members were interviewed for the series.  


  • "The Future of Youth Justice: A Community-Based Alternative to the Youth Prison Model" recommends actions to replace the youth prison model. It advocates for a common-sense, bipartisan approach to halt the heavy reliance on incarcerating young people. It makes the case for a continuum of community-based programs and, for the few youth who require secure confinement, smaller homelike facilities that prioritize age-appropriate rehabilitation. The report was written by Patrick McCarthy, president and chief executive officer of the Annie E. Casey Foundation; Miriam Shark, a former associate director at the Foundation; and Vincent Schiraldi, a senior fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School. Both McCarthy and Schiraldi were once youth correctional administrators.

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