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Youth Justice Reform Roundup | January, 2015

January 21, 2015
Benjamin Chambers

NJJN-Related Publications

  • Keep Children Out of Orleans Parish Prison - Louisiana Center for Children's Rights. LCCR successfully used this November 2014 publication as part of its successful effort to get a city council resolution that youth transferred to adult court in New Orleans be housed in juvenile detention pre-trial, not adult jail.

  • From Playgrounds to Prisons: An updated look at school-based arrests in Arkansas - download from our member, Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families. 

Other News, Publications, and Web Resources


(Some) Justice Media Coverage of Note


    • Webinar Jan 27 - Voices of Formerly Incarcerated Leaders: A Growing National Movement- 2 pm - 3:30 pm EST. Presented by Defending Childhood in partnership with OJJDP and Futures without Violence. Three of the speakers were youth at the time of their crimes. Description: "In today’s era of mass incarceration, extreme sentencing of youth, barriers to successful re-entry and other challenges in the justice system there is an emerging awareness that in order to foster meaningful change we must first learn from and utilize the unique insights of those directly impacted—or as Glenn E. Martin would put it, “those who are closest to the problem are those closest to the solution”. Amplifying that awareness is a growing national movement of formerly incarcerated leaders who not only exemplify positive change in their own lives, but have also demonstrated the power to help change the narrative of those directly impacted and champion the cause of equal justice through innovative approaches to reform.
      Listen to their stories, what brought them to this important work and what innovative approaches they are using to address the systemic failures that have hitherto perpetuated the cycles of incarceration and the unfair treatment of youth and adults in the American justice system." Register here.
  • Webinar February 5, 3:00PM ET - The JJDPA: Updating Federal Law to Reflect New Reforms - The juvenile justice field has come a long way since the JJDPA was first enacted, and even since 2002 when it was last reauthorized. Please join NJJN and our partner, the Coalition for Juvenile Justice, for an overview of how this legislation has helped drive reform at the state and local levels. We will also discuss how we can help ensure that federal policy reflects the new knowledge, advancements, and promising practices from the field, and how a reauthorized JJDPA might change the future landscape of juvenile justice practice.

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