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Webinar: Better Responses to Youth Who Commit Status Offenses

October 30, 2013
Benjamin Chambers

Recorded November 12, 2013



Want to do a better job of diverting youth who commit status offenses from the juvenile justice system? 

Gain firsthand knowledge from national and state experts in this webinar (sponsored by the National Juvenile Justice Network and the Coalition for Juvenile Justice), as they discuss: 

  • the "National Standards for the Care of Youth Charged with Status Offenses," soon to be released by the Coalition for Juvenile Justice
  • helpful legislative initiatives and advocacy tools; 
  • state and local initiatives that have been effective in diverting these youth from court; 
  • the new online Status Offense Reform Center from the Vera Institute of Justice, funded by Models for Change; and 
  • the work that Kentucky Youth Advocates, an NJJN member, is doing to end the incarceration of youth who commit status offenses in their state. 


» Can't see the video of the presentation above? You can download it the video presentation here (in .WMV format).  

 » Download the PowerPoint slides.



Marie Williams currently serves as Acting Executive Director for the Coalition for Juvenile Justice (CJJ) where she is responsible for developing, managing, and implementing nationwide initiatives in juvenile justice leadership and reform with CJJ’s state members and partners. 

Annie Salsich directs the Center on Youth Justice at the Vera Institute of Justice. She provides technical assistance and support to numerous jurisdictions across the United States, helping government officials develop, implement, and sustain safe and effective ways to reduce reliance on incarceration, decrease local and state expenditures, and ensure substantively sound outcomes for young people and their families in the community. 

Tara Grieshop-Goodwin is Chief Policy Officer at Kentucky Youth Advocates (KYA), Kentucky’s only multi-issue policy group focused on children and youth. Tara leads KYA’s work on improving youth justice in Kentucky, which includes ending the use of incarceration for status offenses.


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