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NV Passes Youth Justice Bill of Rights

June 20, 2017
Josh Gordon

NJJN member, the ACLU of Nevada, is celebrating the passage of a Juvenile Justice Bill of Rights.

The Juvenile Justice Bill of Rights mandates that detention facilities inform youth and their guardian of a youth’s right to be treated with dignity and respect, receive healthcare, food, education, and be free from abuse. The bill also makes it clear that youth who believe their rights are violated have the right to file a grievance for redress.

With the bill of rights passage, Nevada actively places the burden on the state to inform youth and their families. While further reform of the system is needed, the ACLU of NV sees the passage of this bill of rights as the first step in holding itself accountable to youth and families.

Holly Welborn, ACLU of NV Policy Director, advises other NJJN members seeking similar reform in their states to engage stakeholders early and to secure a strong dedicated sponsor.

“Assemblywoman Monroe-Moreno was incredibly helpful in pushing this bill through, and we are deeply grateful to her for her efforts,” Welborn said.

The ACLU of NV also worked to move a bill that would keep youth out of adult facilities, which fell short of passage.

“The fight to keep children out of adult facilities will continue,” Welborn added.

For more information, visit the ACLU of NV online.

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