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E-Newsletter: Maryland Passes Positive Legislation | May 6, 2014

May 7, 2014
Zoe Schein

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NOTE: The Maryland story contained in our original May 6, 2014 e-newsletter, which appears in the PDF linked above, is not correct. NJJN regrets the errors. A corrected version appears below. -Ed.


On April 14, 2014, thanks to the work of the Just Kids Partnership (an NJJN member), the Maryland Office of the Public Defender and other key partners, Maryland's governor signed in to law a bill (SB 515) that restores judicial discretion to transfer youth from adult court to juvenile court.

Three categories of youth are barred from requesting a transfer hearing; this bill removed one of those categories, and now allows for a youth to request a transfer hearing to move a youth case from adult to juvenile court. This change is the first to be made to the transfer statue in over 10 years! Another positive change is that these youth, who were not previously allowed to submit a request to the court to be held in juvenile detention while awaiting their hearing instead of an adult jail, can now do so.
While there is still much work to be done, and the "once an adult, always an adult" provision still applies to youth who were previously convicted in adult court, this bill allows those who have been transferred from adult court to juvenile court on a previous charge to request transfer again, if arrested for a subsequent offense. 

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