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Diana Onley-Campbell

juvenile-justice-reform_diana-onley-campbellDiana Onley-Campbell is Coordinator of NJJN's Youth Justice Leadership Institute. She brings a lifetime of experience as an activist and several decades of advocacy experience. In 1979 Ms. Onley-Campbell was a founding member of Spiderworts, the first all women anti-nuke direct action group in the U.S. She spent many years within the battered women’s movement as a child advocate at My Sister’s Place, a D.C. shelter for battered women and their children, and program executive for the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Ms. Onley-Campbell's experience ranges from street activism to academic collaborations (as assistant director at The Union Institute’s Center for Women) to systems advocacy (through her appointment to the Mayor’s Commission on Violence Against Women) to direct service provision. She has held community-based leadership positions on the governing boards of the Sexual Minority Youth Assistance League and the African American Women’s Resource Center, and the advisory board of Lesbian Services of Whitman-Walker Clinic in D.C. She was previously program director at the Gaea Foundation and the executive director of the National Organizers Alliance, a national membership organization for community-based organizers. Ms. Onley-Campbell has her bachelor’s degree in sociology, with honors, from The Union Institute and University.